Pre-license Module 1&2 M1001 & M2001 – Zoom 90 hours


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Held from 8:00am until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday MST

90 hours

This is a required course to obtain your real estate license in the state of Idaho.

This is the live class that you will attend via Zoom.  If you intend to sign up for a zoom class, please allow 3 business days to mail you the materials for the class Priority Mail.  Also, we will have a moderator that is viewing the class the whole time we are in session.  Actual faces must be displayed on screens during class time or student will be removed from class.  Students are responsible for staying engaged and not performing other things while class is in session.


May 13th- May 24th, June 17th- June 28th, July 22nd-August 2nd, August 19th- August 30th, September 23rd- October 4th, October 21st- November 1st

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Pre-license Module 1&2 M1001 & M2001 – Zoom 90 hours