2019 Idaho Instructor Development Workshop

Last Tuesday and Wednesday we spent the day in the Marriot in Meridian, ID learning the new CORE 2019 as well as a full day lesson in adult learning given by the talented Theresa Barnabei. She taught, “Creating The Ideal Classroom Experience”. It was a very informative class and she taught us some basic techniques that we, as instructors, sometimes forget about. She taught us new tricks with PowerPoint, showed us some tools to engage learning, as well as some great techniques for keeping control of the learning environment.

My experience was a great one. I have been an Idaho instructor for real estate since 2016 and since I have started this, I have always felt like the new guy in the room. Something changed this time around. I walked in and new about half of the people in the room. The workshop contained representatives from Idaho real estate schools, instructors, and the Idaho Real Estate Commission. It’s the who’s who of Idaho real estate education. Not only did I feel much more comfortable than years past, I had my confidence boosted on a couple of occasions. After running into the Director of Education for IREC, she advised me that I received stellar reviews from a suprise auditor at a class I taught last winter in Twin Falls. If that weren’t enough, I had the former BRR president ask if he could sit-in one of my classes to see how I implement certain techniques. He came to my 2018 CORE last July and complimented my style and ability to engage the classroom.

With that said, my confidence is way boosted. I am feeling good about getting this school off the ground as well as growing my brokerage. Sometimes it just takes time to start getting where you want to be. Nothing in this business is instant gratification. Anyone who needs prelicense courses should take them from Genesis real estate school, because I’m going to crush it! With my confidence soaring and my expectations growing, nothing can stop us from becoming the premier real estate school in Boise! We will also start to offer online courses that will make us the premier online school in Idaho. Watch out Gem State, Here we come!

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