The Journey to Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Idaho

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Idaho is a significant achievement that opens the doors to a rewarding career in the dynamic real estate industry. However, the path to obtaining an active real estate license in Idaho is not without its challenges and costs. Let’s delve into the journey of how hard it can be to acquire a real estate license in the Gem State.

The Initial Steps

The process of becoming a real estate agent in Idaho begins with meeting the state’s basic requirements, which include completing 90 hours of approved pre-licensing education. This educational requirement is crucial as it equips aspiring agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field.

Education and Exams

After completing the pre-licensing education, individuals must pass the course final exam to demonstrate their understanding of real estate principles and practices. Subsequently, they need to successfully pass both the state and national portions of the salesperson licensing exam, which can be a challenging yet essential step towards obtaining a real estate license in Idaho.

Financial Considerations

In addition to the educational and examination hurdles, there are financial aspects to consider when pursuing a real estate license in Idaho. Aspiring agents are required to pay a $160 license fee, which can be submitted via check or credit card authorization form. Moreover, there may be additional costs such as obtaining a copy of a high school diploma and covering fees for various certifications related to the licensing process.


Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Idaho is a journey that demands dedication, perseverance, and financial investment. While the process may pose its challenges, the rewards of securing an active real estate license and embarking on a fulfilling career in the real estate industry make the effort worthwhile.

If you have recently obtained your real estate license in Idaho, congratulations on this significant accomplishment! Your dedication to navigating the complexities of the licensing process reflects your commitment to success in the real estate field.

Remember, while the journey to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Idaho may be arduous, the opportunities that await you in this thriving industry are boundless. Embrace the challenges, stay focused on your goals, and watch your real estate career flourish in the Gem State!

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