Is the Boise Market inflated?

Today, I did a video asking everyone if our real estate market is inflated. Boise’s median income varies from 49K to 55K depending on what source you get it from. In a “affordability distribution” report we received from Boise Regional Realtors at the beginning of this year, it indicated that if a family had a median income of 50k, they could afford 6% of the available inventory. If a family had a median income of $100K, they could afford 62% of the available housing. The key to this discussion is that with Boise’s median income being 49-55, not many families can afford more than the 6% of available housing. In the video, I asked what people think but I think the general consensus will be that we indeed live in an inflated market. Please reach out with any questions regarding our real estate market.

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