Real estate advertising in Idaho

The Idaho Real Estate Commission is designed and maintained to protect the public in the arena of real estate. One of the longest lasting and more scrutinized facet of real estate is advertising. In Idaho, we MUST advertise our brokerage name on EVERYTHING we use for advertising. This includes yard signs, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, and any other printed ad. This rule also carries over to internet advertising. Idaho has a “one click” rule. This means that any real estate agent’s internet advertising must either include the brokerage name in the advertisement or have the brokerage name at least one click away. That means if someone is to click the online advertisement, whatever page they are taken to must display the brokerage name the real estate agent works for. A hot topic recently in our valley is also how this rule carries over to teams. Real estate teams have become a big business in our market and if a team works underneath a brokerage, they are required to advertise the brokerage name in addition to the team they are promoting. They don’t have to advertise the team, but they must advertise the brokerage.

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