The importance of a quality instructor.

In Idaho real estate, education is essential. In order to obtain your license, you must first take module 1 and module 2 which equate into 90 classroom hours prior to obtaining your license. After you’ve obtained an active Idaho real estate license, you must continue to take CE courses that equate into every year’s Idaho CORE class along with an additional 12 credits every 2 years to renew your real estate license. You are able to take these classes online with a variety of vendors but some folks prefer the good old fashioned way in a classroom. In a classroom, you obtain interaction as well as the opportunity to meet some of your fellow agents that you may work with in the field. Having a great real estate instructor is essential. You can take so much more from a class if it is challenging, engaging, and thought provoking. Usually, the instructor dictates the pace and level that the class operates, so having a good one is essential. Come check out our real estate school in Boise (technically Meridian) and see if our instructors are the type that will will promote adult learning with engaging and stimulating lesson plans. We look forward to impressing you.

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